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One to One

has a vision

We wish to provide every woman in the UK with a midwife who they know and trust, that enables relationships to be formed that will ensure positive memories for women throughout their entire lives.

Giving Birth

One to One's innovative approach to midwifery care means that you can choose to have your birth at home or in hospital - supported by a midwife you know and trust.

Self Referral

We want women to feel empowered during their pregnancy, so if you would like to receive One to One care, then simply contact us directly and self-refer.

Joanne Parkington, CEO
One to One (North West) Ltd


One midwife, one woman, one relationship. Working at One to One will provide midwives with a unique opportunity to practice the art of midwifery in its purest sense.

Tests and Scans

All our blood tests and ultra sound scanning take place in an accessible, community setting so that you can receive the care you need at a time that suits you.

Postnatal Advice and Support

Your One to One midwife will continue to provide post-natal care, support and advice for up to six weeks after the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy Advice Centre

One to One Midwives has opened their first ‘Pregnancy Advice Centre’ in Crewe town centre on 3rd December 2014. One to One Midwives provide a community based midwifery service with continuity and choice at the heart of everything they do

The Only way is Essex

Since September One to One Midwives has been providing a full support service. Need more information ? then please get in touch via our enquiry form.

Pregnancy Advice Centres

“The job satisfaction is tremendous. I love being able to provide the continuity of care that every woman should have, and knowing that I have made a real difference to their experience of childbirth.” - Becky Stephens, 23, One to One midwife

I have been with One to One for seven months and in that time I have massively improved my skills as a midwife.
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“One midwife, one woman, one relationship - this is the very heart of what One to One provides. We believe passionately that personalised care should be the right of every woman - to ensure a future generation of confident parents and healthier babies” - Joanne Parkington, Clinical Director, One to One (North West) Ltd

Commissioned by the NHS, One to One delivers an enhanced free, safe and supportive maternity service in the heart of local communities. 

With One to One, mothers and midwives work in partnership throughout the entire pregnancy and postnatal period to achieve a positive birth experience. Our philosophy is entrenched in the normality of birth, promoting home birth as a real choice for all low-risk women.

Mothers benefit from high-quality, one to one care – while our midwives have the opportunity to practice the art and science of their profession in its purest sense. Our unique model of care enables midwives to work autonomously - providing a flexible service that meets the needs of mothers and ensures a work/life balance for them too. 

One to One developed this new approach to NHS-commissioned maternity care because we believe that every woman has the right to enjoy a more satisfying pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience, with their own personal midwife throughout.

If you are a woman who would like maternity care from One to One click here for more details and birth stories from mothers like you. 

If you are a midwife who would like to work with One to One follow the link to recruitment page for more details and an application form


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