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Secret water baby


On learning the news that 'we were pregnant with our first baby', we signed up to One to One with the intention of learning hypnobirthing techniques, having antenatal appointments at home and then a 'safe' hospital birth. Our original midwif..

Operation home birth


To say I was a nervous expectant first time mum was an understatement. After two years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages later, I found myself full of anguish and stress during the first trimester. After discussing my predicament wi..

Unexpected Home Birth


From the day I found out I was pregnant I said I wanted to have my baby in the hospital. I would not have it any other way I said to myself! I was due with my first baby girl on the 28/02/2014. I had a One to One midwife Leanne who was amazin..

Home Birth despite being High Risk!


Disappointed didn't even come close after begging two consultants for a home birth with my first pregnancy. It was a huge blow to my confidence and to my ideal birth plan that I had envisaged. We had IVF and were classed as high risk and afte..

Home birth after 2 sections - yes it is possible!


I booked with One to One Midwives for my 3rd baby. My first 2 were both failed home births where I transferred in to hospital and had emergency c sections for failure to progress. I had an independent midwife for them both but for whatever reason..

Home birth from a fathers perspective


Sunday 8th December. It's 3am and I've just finished a feed and I'm lying here thinking I could not be happier. The birth of my son was an amazing thing to be a part off. Not just being there, but to actually be involved with the birth. We did NC..

Not all One to One births are home births


When I decided to switch from my NHS midwife to One 2 One I was 26 weeks pregnant. In honesty, I thought I'd probably left it too late to get the full benefit from the service and was a bit worried there wouldn't be enough time to build up a rapp..

Wonderful Home Birth


Firstly I would like to say how much I have appreciated the wonderful support of my One-to-One Midwife, Amanda. Without any exaggeration she undoubtedly made this birth a relaxed and extremely positive one which has left me with the experience of..

Birth story of Chloe Anne


Had my daughter arrived a year earlier would I have planned a home birth in our mid terrace where I could hear the fish tank next door? Perhaps not. Had my husband not been comfortable with his role in supporting the practicalities, could I have ..

Our Special Delivery


I first heard about One to One Midwives through my friend Jennifer Morrison who is also a midwife for your service. Once I found out I was pregnant, I self referred and from that day on have received the best care possible! With Jenny bee..

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