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Balanced Opinion


Having had seven children, both in an NHS hospital and under One to One care, I feel as though I'm in a good position to give a balanced opinion of both sides of the 'story'. One to One maternity care gave me the security and faith of knowin..

The best experience of our lives


We decided to come to One to One after I had rang my NHS midwife 7 times and left 7 messages about chicken pox and she never replied. I then rang One to One. Meeting Cheryl she was amazing but I didn't like the idea that when I went into..

My super speedy delivery


I woke at 5am on my due date with a really strong pain this was a little longer than all my previous pains and noticeably more painful. After this pain I began to fall back asleep and as I was just drifting back to sleep I was woken to another pa..

The Birth of Isaac


"Birth is not about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." - Barbara Katz Rothman On the 28th of June 2013, I became a strong, competent, capable ..

Quick Recovery with One to One


I already had 3 children from a previous relationship when my husband and I found out we were expecting, excitement soon turned into fear for me. I had my 3rd child at the local hospital and struggled with never seeing the same midwife, rush..

Not the typical 'One to One' experience


Dear Katie and Joanne I wanted to write to give some feedback on the service that my wife and I have received from One to One. Our One to One experience has probably not been the typical One to One experience in that our assigned midwife was ..

Thank you Michelle Ryan


Right from finding out I was pregnant around 5 weeks I have been with One to One! My fab midwife is Michelle! Michelle has been there since day one. There has been many times when I was worried about things and Michelle was at the other..

Water birth at home


My husband and I were recommended to One to One by friends of ours who used the service when pregnant with their baby girl. When we found out we were pregnant I phoned and I met my midwife Rebecca within a couple of days. She came to the hou..

Debbie Rhodes Changed My Life


I came to One to One quite late on in my pregnancy and it was quite literally like I won the lottery! I felt that up to the point of meeting Debbie Rhodes, my pregnancy had been a bit of a battle. After a forceps delivery in 2009, I was l..

Born in the bath


I came to One to One fairly late in my pregnancy, I was 26 weeks before I contacted them and I’m so pleased I did. I gave birth to my first son in 2010 in hospital and although my pre and post natal care was fantastic, my experience of labo..

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