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Never say never! From C-section to home birth


On finding out I was pregnant for the second time we were elated but I already knew exactly what I wanted for my birth. I had been left feeling traumatised by my first birth for various reasons and decided that I wanted an elective C-Section and ..

How to save a life


I want to honour the psychological support of One to One very explicitly, as it is Mental Health Awareness Week. I found One to One partway through my last pregnancy and signed up with no thought of a home birth but the greatest interest in ..

A little unexpected


My little girl is already 6 months and I have finally managed to put this together. Sorry Lucy! Lucy was my midwife for the majority of my pregnancy recommended to me by a friend for her outstanding help and support and she certainly didn't ..

My beautiful homebirth story


On 28th July 2016, 3 days before my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant. This was my fourth pregnancy as unfortunately I had three previous consecutive miscarriages over the 18 months. So it had been quite a journey! We had a wonderful outd..

My pregnancy and birth journey


Finally got half an hour to put this together! I've been looking to write my birth story for, well, three months now! You know how it is - newborn babies are actually quite demanding. How did I spend my time before becoming a mum?! Anyway, m..

Great Support from One to One


My waters started to leak in the early hours of Saturday morning just after my husband had gone to work at the bakery. I dropped him a text to update him and tried to get some more sleep between surges. He came home later on that morning and we r..

Second pregnancy, first home birth


When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, there was no doubt in my mind, I was going to use One to One again. With my first I didn’t find out about One to One until I was 24 weeks pregnant. I had a hospital birth, which was quite..



I was one of the lucky ones who were hardly affected by pregnancy, limited amount of the dreaded morning sickness and generally overall I felt really good. After my 12 week bloods, the results showed I had low levels of PAPP-A and as a result of ..

Third baby and first home birth


I had my third baby and first home birth with One to One Midwives and can honestly say it was the most perfect birth and everything I ever wanted. I reached to 41 weeks which was normal for me as both my other two were born in the 42nd week ..

Second home birth - New Year's Day


Having had a wonderful home birth with my first child in 2014, I knew I wanted to aim for the same second time round and I contacted my previous midwife, Kelly Silk, to let her know I was pregnant and ask if she could be my midwife again – ..

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