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Two hypnobirthing home water births


I was recommended One to One by a friend who had a home birth with a pool. It sounded like an amazing birth and she even said it wasn’t painful; immediately I thought ‘that sounds the way to do it!’ Decision made then – gr..

My Birth Story!


As I was writing this birth story, some parts of it were easy to remember and some parts of it remain a complete blur but all of it brings with it good memories and an experience that in some places is simply beyond the words I could ever write. ..

Teddy's birth


After really struggling with my first baby, I was very anxious about the birth of my second. I had heard about One to One from a friend and decided that the whole experience sounded amazing. I got a call from Helen and she explained everythi..

Happy 2nd Birthday Lyla!


Well we have fast approached my daughter Lyla’s second birthday and I wonder to myself how did that happen and I am yet to write my birth story. Getting caught up in sleepless nights and postnatal anxiety meant that writing stories was put ..

Better than I could have imagined


I had a very easy pregnancy, labour and delivery in hospital with my first and I knew I wanted to give birth to my second at home. I self-referred to One to One Midwives when I was 12 weeks pregnant and we met a lovely midwife at our home, who ex..

The second time round (a speedy homebirth)


Our third pregnancy came as a surprise! And was as much trouble then as she is now. I had a pretty rough pregnancy with awful sickness morning, noon and night for the majority of my pregnancy but all that was forgotten after my second wonder..

Never say never! From C-section to home birth


On finding out I was pregnant for the second time we were elated but I already knew exactly what I wanted for my birth. I had been left feeling traumatised by my first birth for various reasons and decided that I wanted an elective C-Section and ..

How to save a life


I want to honour the psychological support of One to One very explicitly, as it is Mental Health Awareness Week. I found One to One partway through my last pregnancy and signed up with no thought of a home birth but the greatest interest in ..

A little unexpected


My little girl is already 6 months and I have finally managed to put this together. Sorry Lucy! Lucy was my midwife for the majority of my pregnancy recommended to me by a friend for her outstanding help and support and she certainly didn't ..

My beautiful homebirth story


On 28th July 2016, 3 days before my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant. This was my fourth pregnancy as unfortunately I had three previous consecutive miscarriages over the 18 months. So it had been quite a journey! We had a wonderful outd..

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