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Special home birth of baby Nia


Kim Crowe only became our midwife when I was 20 weeks due to our original midwife leaving, but I instantly warmed to Kim and felt completely at ease with her due to her kind, gentle nature. She made me feel so reassured throughout the rest of my ..

Baby Number Five


When I found out I was pregnant with our 5th baby, having had previous complicated, high risk pregnancies (high BMI & cervical procedures) I was very anxious. I'd been recommended the service by a friend who had said she felt so much more sup..

Young mum- My successful homebirth


(My birth story is quite long, so if you want to skip to the actual birth scroll down and I'll leave a heading.) Nobody can prepare you for seeing that positive line on the test. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a surprise those same th..

The Incredible West Cheshire Team


I signed up to One to One after receiving a leaflet at my nursery. After having a loss early in 2016 I knew from reading the information that the service One to One offered was going to be what I needed. One to One were very quick to call me..

Simply amazing


My birth story, all began in December 2016 when I found out I was pregnant. Feeling under the weather and sick, I bought a test and it was positive. It was unplanned and a big shock as we already had three girls. 9, 7 and 3. I contacted the local..

Incredibly relaxed and most amazing experience I've ever had


At 20 weeks, I decided to transfer to One to One as I'd seen the Advice Centre in Crewe and I didn't feel very cared or supported for with the GP midwife I had so I thought what I have got to lose? I had the lovely Kelly as my midwife through..

Birth Euphoria


So, my daughter is 7 months old, I'm making chicken pie in the kitchen and a playlist comes on Spotify named Birth Euphoria. I made it when I was 36 weeks pregnant not knowing my baby was only 14 days away. It stops me in my tracks and everything..

Harlan's birth story


The proper place to begin my birth story is by saying how much I hated being pregnant. We were fortunate enough to conceive pretty much immediately, but before I had time to get excited about the prospect I was sick. Every day. I was nauseated. A..

Unbelievable care at every point throughout my pregnancy, labour and early motherhood


I chose One to One after my friends recommended their services. At this point I was just a couple of weeks pregnant and completely clueless about my options. I met Debi and the fabulous team within days of contacting them - the first in a series ..

A healing birth


The decision to have another baby was not a decision that was easy to make. I was traumatised by the birth of my beautiful daughter and that deeply changed me and changed all my hopes and dreams for the start of my journey as a mum. The birth of ..

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