Incredibly relaxed and most amazing experience I've ever had

At 20 weeks, I decided to transfer to One to One as I'd seen the Advice Centre in Crewe and I didn't feel very cared or supported for with the GP midwife I had so I thought what I have got to lose?

I had the lovely Kelly as my midwife throughout the rest of my pregnancy and wow! she really covered everything for me. I had a really bad experience and traumatic birth with my first that it took me 9 years to decide to have another baby, so Kelly really made me feel more positive about this pregnancy by explaining everything to me about my previous labour and the likelihood of anything happening again. She always kept me positive when I was worrying and stressing.

Unfortunately, Kelly left One to One on my due date. I was so anxious at first as I didn't want anyone else but then I got Sarah. I felt at ease with her straight away she was so friendly and kind.

My baby made me wait 8 days over and those 8 days felt awful. I worked myself up so many times but each time Sarah comforted and advised me that everything would be ok. When I went in labour I called Sarah and she came out to me to check me and said I was ready for the hospital. I was dead set on birthing in the hospital as I adamant I wanted strong pain relief. I went up but my labour slowed right down as I just wasn't comfortable or happy at the hospital so I ended up coming home. Sarah came back out to me and checked me and I was nearly ready to have my baby, I decided to have her at home as a last-minute decision and it was so worth it! Sarah was my rock throughout it all, I can't get over the care and attention I received from her, calming me through the moments I said I couldn't do it, it was so relaxing and calm throughout.

I gave birth to my little girl at home in my bedroom with just gas and air, something I thought I would never have done. Sarah and Gail really exceeded my expectations. They went above and beyond their job role, they even ran me a bath and made up my bed with fresh bedding. You wouldn't have thought there had just been a baby born in my room.

I cannot recommend a home birth enough which means something coming from me as I'm the worst for worrying. I had such an amazing experience with One to One throughout the pregnancy and birth to the aftercare too. So, thank you so much Kelly, Sarah, Gail and Julie (MaMA)!

One to One treat you so good you’re not just a number with them. If I have any more children I will be coming back and requesting Sarah!