Simply amazing

My birth story, all began in December 2016 when I found out I was pregnant. Feeling under the weather and sick, I bought a test and it was positive. It was unplanned and a big shock as we already had three girls. 9, 7 and 3. I contacted the local surgery who recommended One to One. Well it's the best thing I have ever done!!!

Having used the NHS for the other pregnancies and birth, also having lots of problems and complications with all three I was very apprehensive about this pregnancy. I was given Bex as my midwife, she was lovely and made everything feel so at ease. Visiting me at home for everything. We discussed having a home birth but I didn't want this due to previous retained placenta and ending up in theatre twice. The thought of been at home was scary!! So, I decided when the time came I would go to hospital.

Sadly at 20 weeks, Bex had to go off poorly and I didn't see her again. I received a call off the most amazing midwife on earth, Lucy Nuttall. She had so much time, even in the first phone call. In no time at all she came to meet me at home. She was like one of the family every time she came. My daughters call her auntie Lucy and my mum thinks of her as a daughter. Her approach and thoughts towards home birth really made me think again. I had a good think and I finally decided home was the place to be. So, from then on that was the plan.

Lucy came every few weeks as all was going so well for me. My bump grew perfectly and the wait to find out our baby’s sex was so exciting. Lucy wrote my birth plan, which was perfect and so in depth to cover any problems encountered. As the 4th August approached, Lucy gave us a list of everything we needed to get. From Clary sage, Lucozade to towels. We were ready!

Lucy came at 38 weeks to do some rebozo massage, this was fab and gave lots of hints and tips to help baby on the way. Then again at 40 weeks for the same plus a foot massage with her special oils. It was amazing. I had a couple of sweeps but nothing was budging this baby.

On the 11th day overdue, I did my final shopping trip with the three girls in tow and said that was my last. Having had twinges all day and a spicy chilli for tea, I went to bed with small pains. Not able to sleep I got up at 11:30 and thought I’ll potter about with everyone in bed. It got stronger very quickly. I called Lucy who said to try some paracetamol and rest. Well there was no chance. I popped to the loo and my waters broke. I rang Lucy who was 45 mins away and told her to come. I text my mum and woke up my partner and got in the shower to ease the pain. This helped until I had to get out, so I made my way down stairs. By now all the children were up and ready to help all the way. It was so fantastic to have them all there. Such a life experience for them too!! My mum and Martin set everything out on the floor then I was able to kneel and lean over my birthing ball. It was so comfortable and the urge to push grew stronger. The support off everyone was fantastic!! I panicked not push as Lucy hadn't arrived but she was on the way having text with time she would be there.

Lucy arrived at 2:30 am and soon set everything up that she needed and watched and monitored me. Her voice was so calming and just said to go with the flow. Mum took lots of pictures and the girls gave me water. At 3.04am my little baby boy was born weighing 6lb 14oz. I was overwhelmed to say the least!! Lucy had called for support from a buddy and Tom arrived. He was as amazing. Many wouldn’t think of a male midwife but honestly don't fear! he was great!

The dreaded time came, for my placenta. Having done the skin to skin straight away the cord had done its job, Lucy gave me the injection (to which I said ow!). Lucy tugged and I pushed and out came this massive placenta. The relief was amazing. I slowly got on to the sofa. Skin to skin with my bundle of joy the whole time. Wanting to bottle feed I had to wait for the bottles. Lucy kept a close eye on me while doing all the paper work. Tom checked the placenta and did my bloods. Everyone had tea and toast. Once I had been to the loo, Lucy and Tom went home at 6am.

I think about my birth every single day and would do it all over again. Cannot give enough praise and thanks to One to One and most of all Lucy.

My baby boy is now 7 weeks old weighing 12lb 4oz already. Such a happy baby we all love him to pieces. Sadly, I was discharged at 6 weeks old, that was a sad day, but Lucy promised to come back on Jacks 1st birthday. We can't wait.

Thank you so much to everyone.