The Incredible West Cheshire Team

I signed up to One to One after receiving a leaflet at my nursery. After having a loss early in 2016 I knew from reading the information that the service One to One offered was going to be what I needed. 

One to One were very quick to call me following my enquiry and asked if I would be happy with a male midwife to which I replied; of course! I was very happy. 

Tom contacted me that day and we met a few days later. Unfortunately, I had two further early losses and both times Tom was very supportive.

After a summer of tests and some unfortunately poor care at my local hospital I conceived again in Autumn 2016 whilst on several treatments and recommendations for care from a specialist. I knew that I wouldn't have trusted anyone else and contacted One to One requesting Tom to be our midwife.

In the early weeks, I was given reassurance scans and I met with Tom frequently. I was extremely anxious but he was always at the other end of the phone. The scans took place in several settings depending on what suited myself and my husband and all of my scheduled appointments took place at home in the evening so my husband could also attend. I found this invaluable.

We attended the parent education session in Warrington as the date suited us and I also studied hypnobirthing knowing that this would really help my labour. 

I had many calls to Tom during my pregnancy who was always very supportive and knowledgeable and did many reassurance appointments with me.

Unfortunately, at the end of my pregnancy Tom was not able to continue to support me, however the transfer to Kim was seamless and I felt assured we were in great hands.

My labour was supported at home until I was ready to transfer to hospital. Unfortunately, I had to have a C-section and we were kept in hospital for a week after as my son had an infection. 

Our care continued in the hospital and Kim visited both there and when we got home.

After we returned home we were seen by both Kim and Amanda who is one of the MaMAs. The breastfeeding support was fantastic. Unfortunately, Oscar was a little poorly but Kim and Amanda supported us in seeking answers even when appointments with the hospital were cancelled and I was becoming frustrated. It turned out my son has a milk allergy and after 6 weeks going dairy free he wasn't making progress with my breast milk. Amanda continued to support me through the difficult decision to introduce a special milk and I was only signed off when Oscar was gaining weight and making progress.

Throughout my pregnancy and after, we faced many challenges, but the care and support given to us by One to One meant that we could face and overcome every challenge. 

I am so grateful and would ask all women to choose One to One. Not only for their level of care and support but also for the way they empower mums to be strong and confident with their pregnancies and new babies.  

I now attend classes hosted by One to One at their clinic and enjoy catching up with the MaMAs at the weekly coffee morning.