Unbelievable care at every point throughout my pregnancy, labour and early motherhood

I chose One to One after my friends recommended their services. At this point I was just a couple of weeks pregnant and completely clueless about my options. I met Debi and the fabulous team within days of contacting them - the first in a series of convenient, personal appointments always with Debi, and always a completely open book for discussing what was available to me.

After the initial appointments, and with One to One's care and support, I started to consider a home birth. At every stage throughout my pregnancy, whether at classes or visits, the team armed me with relevant advice allowing me to make my own informed decisions and never judging the outcome. For me, I didn't know what to expect when pregnant so when I spoke to others I was surprised at both how clued up I was, and at the level of service I seemed to be getting versus going down the standard NHS route.

As labour approached I was visited regularly, advised of the whys and wherefores of spontaneous labour or induction, and provided the tools (including birthing pool) for my home birth.

At 41+4 and having refused all interventions including sweeps (and ignoring all the pressure and ridiculous amounts of 'any news?' texts) I had my baby girl at home with Debi, Rachel and Ruby present. The birth was probably not text book perfect. Little Lois slowed up a bit on route, but where a hospital I'm confident would have strapped me to a bed and gone straight down the intervention pathway, Debi let nature take its course; encouraging me to change positions, remember my hypnobirthing and keep my energy high. I ended up having Lois rather quickly and was admitted to hospital with a tear. Here I was treated well but was so aware of the switch from personalised care to becoming more of a 'number'.

Having achieved the run up to, and the birth I wanted, I truly believe that a peaceful, unrushed entrance to the world has given us a chilled baby who was ready to come when she chose. Crikey, nothing can compare you for motherhood - however having Debi and the team on hand with follow up visits and ensuring we're well as a family both mentally and physically has been totally invaluable. I seriously could not recommend them enough nor thank Debi and the team as much as they deserve for the incredible job they do.