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18 Mar

One to One Safeguarding Team fundraising for the NSPCC!

Did you know that over 57,000 children are identified as needing protection from abuse in the UK? (Child protection register and plan statistics for all UK Nations 2015)

The NSPCC estimate that for every child identified as needing protection from abuse, another 8 are suffering abuse. (NSPCC – How safe are our children, 2013)

These short videos give more information and statistics:

These are scary statistics but we can’t ignore them. The NSPCC work tirelessly to keep our children safe.

One to One midwives are in a privileged position to work closely with families, and get to know them. To support them when things aren’t quite as they should be and ensure the children get the support and protection they require.

The One to One Safeguarding Team have decided to raise some funds for the NSPCC this year. Two members of the team, Katie Wainwright and Jennifer Morrison are going to complete a 100-mile bike ride on the 24th September 2017 around the city of Birmingham.

To be able to do this, and support the wonderful work of the NSPCC they need to raise £800.

They have already raised £170, which is 21% of the target, but they are still a long way off.

This is a massive challenge for them both – Jennifer currently doesn’t have a bike, and Katie gets out of breath making a cup of tea!

They are up for the challenge and have got their training plans through and are ready to get going!

Please consider supporting us to raise the rest of the money needed. There is a just giving page set up to collect donations:

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored the team, and to those of you that go on to sponsor us.

The One to One Safeguarding Team

11 Jun

One to One Midwives supporting Tommys

Charlie was born in September with a wonderful One to One experience. Labour was quick at only 2 hours 40 minutes, getting used to being a mum to a new born again happened pretty quickly too and he is just growing up too fast!

The one thing that is taking far too long however, is me getting my body back into shape! Now I have never been slim (I love chocolate far too much) but pre-baby, I was healthy and enjoyed exercise.

With my first son (now 5 years old) I was straight back to Buggyfit for my 6 week post natal check. This time, the desire to exercise didn't return so easily! It is now 8 months on and while I have lost 'some' of the baby weight, this has been down to a “healthy-ish” diet and certainly not because of any exercise. I do not however feel any pressure to return to my 'normal' body size but I do feel some exercise with baby would improve my motivation, get the blood pumping and perhaps meet some other mums along the way.

So back to Buggyfit I go (once I have dug out my trainers from under the bed). The fresh air, adrenaline and opportunity to mix with other local mums is actually really enjoyable!

It was at my first session back this week that I heard about the 'Baby Race' being run by BuggyFit instructors across the country in aid of the fantastic Tommy's charity (

Anyone can participate in the Baby Race and it can be completed at your own pace. The event will be held in the park (I'll be going to the Cheshire Baby Race in Northwich) and it will be a great event to meet other mums, dads and carers, have some fun and support a great cause. Tommy's are hoping to invest the sponsorship raised to open a new research centre dedicated to preventing miscarriage, which affects 1 in 4 parents.

So I've signed up and now have no excuses! Charlie and I will be crossing the finish line (hopefully without the rain) with a full heart, great satisfaction and a renewed enthusiasm for exercise.

One to One Midwives will be at the Cheshire event to cheer us all on and offer their support to Tommy's with a donated raffle prize.

I urge everyone reading this to sign up to the Baby Race and join 'Team One to One'; it is a great opportunity to have some fun, exercise (without the pressure), meet some new friends and have a feel good factor for helping such a great charity that is close to our hearts.

Can we expect to see you there?

Post by Lucy Hughes, Marketing Supervisor and Brand Ambassador

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