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02 Jan

Changes to Midwifery Supervision – Piloting the new model

The 31st March 2017 looms the end of the statutory supervision of midwifery. Many midwives, women and indeed supervisors of midwives will be wondering what’s next? What does this mean for me?!

NHS England have set up an LSA national supervision taskforce who are leading on a pilot for the proposed new model of supervision – the A-EQUIP model –“Advocating and Educating for Quality Improvement”.

There are seven pilot sites for the model across England, with One to One being successful in our bid to become a pilot site. We have been warmly welcomed by Coventry NHS trust to complete the bridging course for the pilot and it has been wonderful to meet lots of new people. We all have the same goal of being involved in this groundbreaking change to midwifery supervision.

One to One are excited for the pilot, which officially starts in January 2017 and will run until March 31st 2017, where evaluation of the pilot will be collated and published, along with next steps for organisations.

For the A-EQUIP pilot, the Supervisors of Midwives trained to deliver the content will be known as Professional Midwifery Advocates (PMAs).

There are three main elements to the pilot:

1. Education and Development - aiming to develop and support practitioners with the knowledge and skills they require, and prepare them for appraisal, revalidation and develop leadership skills.

2. Personal Action for Quality Improvement – enabling practioners to make changes that make them more proactive at work, and ensure a safe proactive workforce, therefore enhancing safety.

3. Restorative Clinical Supervision (RCS) – This is a confidential space for practitioners slow down, take time, and restore. It is a space for reflection, thought processing and wind down, facilitated by the PMA. This is a fantastic tool, which is evidence based, showing a reduction in staff leaving, increase in staff morale, less sick leave and helping practitioners to recognise, prevent and alleviate stress. As part of the A-EQUIP training, the PMAs undergo sessions of RCS themselves, and it is a very valuable tool that I look forward to using with the staff.

There is a strong focus on midwives being advocates for women, and much of the role supervisors of midwives played in care planning and supporting complex care will be supported by the midwives within this model. One to One already operate in this way, and the new model will continue to support this advocating and empowering women to achieve their birth wishes.

The pilot sites will be evaluated and the details and further guidance will be sent out following March 31st 2017.

Keep your eye out for further updates and follow #midwiferysupervision on twitter.

Find out more at NHS ENGLAND:

Katie Wainwright, PMA for the Q-EQUIP pilot One to One.

14 Dec

Personal Maternity Care Budget to be piloted in Liverpool

The 12th December 2016 saw the launch of the first pilot of the implementation of Personal Maternity Care Budgets by the Cheshire and Merseyside Pioneer. This is the first step in fulfilling one of the recommendations for the transformation of maternity services in the Better Births Report 2016. Better Births recommends that all women should have personalised care, centred on the woman, her baby and her family, based around their needs and their decisions, where they have genuine choice. Better Births also set out a vision that women should be able to choose the provider of their antenatal, birth and postnatal care and be in control of exercising those choices through their own NHS Personal Maternity Care Budget.

Initially the pilot is being rolled out by Liverpool Women’s Hospital with a handful of selected GP surgeries but the press launch has stated that other providers in the Pioneer will roll out PMCBs early in 2017. One to One Midwives, as a commissioned provider in Cheshire and Merseyside will be offered as a choice to women to use their PMCB but for One to One Midwives this will be ‘business as usual”.

One to One are already a choice option for women and their families – but what do One to One offer?

Quite simply One to One provides a service that is centred on the needs and choices of women and their families. We do this through our model of Continuity of Carer – every woman who books with One to One will be contacted by her named midwife and see her midwife for the vast majority of her antenatal visits.

One to One midwives see their women for 88% of their antenatal visits. 
One to One midwives attend 75% of the births of women that they know
One to One midwives see their women and babies for 80% of their postnatal visits.

This is what continuity of carer means to us.

What else can you expect from the One to One service?

As all care is based on your needs and choices, the number of visits is unlimited, both antenatally and postnatally and as well as face-to-face visits, you will also have access to your midwife 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, text or email to discuss any concerns or advice that you may need.

The majority of visits take place in your own home, with the option to have your appointments in the evenings or at the weekend, which ensures that your partners can also participate in your care. One to One have three Pregnancy Advice Centres open in Cheshire and Merseyside and run local clinics and scan appointments out in the local community to ensure you have an additional choice of where to receive care, which will be as close to your home as possible.

One to One offers numerous social networking opportunities in our local community hubs and we also provide hypnobirthing and parent education and courses as standard.

We employ MaMAs (Mother and Midwife Assistants) to offer additional support in the antenatal as well as the postnatal period. Our MaMAs can support you with becoming more confident parents as well as providing you with practical advice and support regarding infant feeding and baby care.

Our midwives are trained to recognise and deal with any complications that occur and if necessary we can refer you to an obstetrician within a local hospital of your choice to ensure that you receive safe and appropriate care when needed.

If everything goes well with your pregnancy and you choose a homebirth, your One to One midwife will ensure that you have access to a pool (if you choose a waterbirth) and access to our KG Hynobirthing course, which can be booked directly via our One to One website.

After the birth your One to One midwife, with the support of your MaMA, will visit you at home as often as you need until at least 6 weeks after your baby has been born.

One to One Midwives are delivering what the pioneer is aiming to deliver across the rest of Cheshire and Merseyside in the future. If you want to know more about the One to One service or how you can access our care you can contact us via the following options:

o Send an enquiry via our website at: 
o By telephone: 0330 3309 121
o Via your GP

To find out if One to One is available in your area, contact us on Facebook: or using any of the above contact methods.

15 Nov

Incredible first year!

It has been an incredible first year.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported One to One over the last 12 months and to share some thoughts with you and my vision for the next 12 months!

Thank You to all the parents to be and new parents who have trusted the One to One service with their pregnancy and birth journey.  Without you One to One would not exist.  To support you in fulfilling your dreams and wishes for your birth and the first few weeks of your baby’s life are why we are here, these memories will stay with you for a lifetime and we know how important it is to make them as positive and special as possible within a safe environment.  So we feel immense gratitude for putting your faith and trust in One to One.

Thank You to all the One to One midwives who provide excellent midwifery care with such dedication and commitment.  Midwives are unique in how they can touch and affect peoples’ lives and I know that our midwives go above and beyond to ensure that women under our care receive the very best care, whether that is as simple as having a chat over a cup of tea about the pressures of life, or about acknowledging hopes and dreams or having to perform life saving procedures!! I will be eternally grateful to all the One to One midwives, past, present and future, for putting my vision into reality and helping One to One become an organization and a model of care that all others will aspire to become.

Thank You to all the Senior Management team who share my vision and work tirelessly to put into practice everyday what others can only dream of. 

One to One is truly a team effort and we all support each other and work together to ensure that our vision becomes reality every single day.

Thank You to all the other professionals and supporters out there who truly believe that One to One care for women and their families is the safest and most effective care that we can provide.  I cannot thank all our supporters enough, whether it is health professionals who work in partnership with us to provide women with seamless care or someone who takes time to put a positive post on Facebook, thank you to all of you out there, please keep the faith with us here at One to One and continue to support us in any way you can.

Now, for the future!  What will the next 12 months bring?

Our vision is that every woman should have a choice about the type of maternity care she receives and who should provide that care. 

Government policy supports this through the introduction of competition into the NHS but we still have a long way to go.  Changing a culture, and a belief in the medical model, is not a short term project but One to One are definitely here for the long term.

Our first year outcomes are proof that our model of care is fast being acknowledged as achieving the best outcomes in the UK (and in most of the world!).  We will  publicise our outcomes very soon, so keep visiting our website and facebook to see them. 

It is important that we all stay involved and remain passionate about midwifery care, the medical model still dominates and I believe we are in danger of loosing true midwifery care all together.  We are working hard to get our message out there, to commissioners, GPs, the Government, to other health professionals and most of all to the public.  We need a movement of people working together to make the changes that are needed to achieve our vision in the months and years ahead.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

One to One has a dream to provide gold standard midwifery care to all women but we also have a dream to keep the midwifery profession alive!  Watch this space – the next 12 months will be phenomenal!!

Happy 1st birthing!

Joanne Parkington


One to One Midwives

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