First 12 Weeks

During your first trimester, you will be offered a number of blood tests, these include checking what your blood group is and your iron levels as well as tests to check if you have Hepatitis B or HIV.

Your One to One midwife will discuss these tests at your first visit and you will have time to ask questions and ensure that you have made an informed decisions about which tests are appropriate for you.

Usually around week 12, you will be
offered a scan, this scan is one
of the first screening tests offered to
detect your risk of having a baby
with an abnormality.

It is important to
note that these tests
do NOT diagnose
an abnormality they
can only give you an
indication of the risk,

For example whether you have a
1:1000 chance of having a baby with Down’s syndrome.

Furthermore invasive tests are then offered to give you a more definite diagnosis.