Booking Appointments

At your booking appointment your midwife
will take details of your medical history,
any health conditions you may have,
details of previous pregnancies and any
additional needs you may have, such as
needing support with housing or social care.
This is to ensure your midwife can then put
a care plan specific to your needs in place
to care for you throughout your pregnancy.

Your midwife will also talk you through
each stage of your pregnancy,
including when you will have your
regular antenatal appointments,
dating scan, screening tests and
anomaly scans.

You can also discuss with your
midwife where you might like to
have your baby, at home or in
a hospital, your midwife will let
you know which hospitals are
nearest to you.

Don’t worry you
don’t have to decide now
where you want to have your baby!

But it's useful for you to start gathering
information now and you can make a decision
at any point in your pregnancy, or even change
your mind (several times) if you want to !