I have had my baby!!!

Congratulations!!! Now you are home with your tiny bundle
of joy, you may be thinking, help, what I do now!!!

Don’t worry your One to One midwife will keep coming to see you until your
baby is around 6 weeks old. Over this period you can expect to see your
One to One midwife as often as you need to, in the first few days she will visit
to weigh your baby, make sure you are ok physically and emotionally and see
if you need any support with feeding. You will also be offered the support of
a MAMA in addition to your midwife; the MAMAS are specifically trained to offer
feeding support and can visit in your own home to offer as much help and
support as you need.

You will also be offered screening tests for your baby. These include
a detailed physical examination by a skilled practitioner within 3 days of birth
and a ‘heel prick test’ which takes spots of blood from the baby’s heel that will
screen for a number of conditions. Once again your One to One midwife will
have discussed these with you at length before the birth of your baby to give
you plenty of time to ask questions and make an informed decision about
whether to consent to these tests.

I have had my baby!!! Before we say Goodbye we know that
we will have empowered you to be
confident and competent
parents ready for the
days, months and
years ahead.