A healthy diet full of lots of fruits and
vegetables is recommended.
To give you and your growing baby
the nutrients it needs. If you are not
keen on fruit and vegetables why
not try whizzing up some delicious

Remember all pregnant women are
different and will have varying
nutritional needs which are dependent
on lots of different factors, ask your
One to One midwife who can advise you what YOU should be having.

Cup of tea?

During pregnancy women are advised not to have more than 200mg
of caffeine per day, this is the equivalent to two mugs of instant coffee,
or two cups of tea and a 50g bar of plain chocolate! So you can see
it would be easy for your caffeine intake to creep above 200mg, why
not try decaffeinated teas, coffees, herbal teas, fruit juices and water
to keep you hydrated.

This list shows the amount of caffeine found in some foods and drink:

  • 1 mug of instant coffee: 100mg
  • 1 mug of tea: 75mg
  • 1 can of energy drink: up to 80mg
  • 1 50g bar of plain chocolate: up to 50mg
  • 1 50g bar of milk chocolate: up to 25mg
  • 1 mug of filter coffee: 140mg
  • 1 can of cola: 40mg