Third trimester week 27 to 42

As you enter your last trimester of pregnancy you will be looking forward to welcoming your baby, you will
also be thinking about what your birth would be like.

Your One to one midwife
can help you create your
birth plan, which can
outline your wishes for
your labour and birth

Don’t forget that your baby goes through the birth as well!!

Think about what your baby would want –
would your baby want to come into the world in a
clam relaxed way with soothing sounds and dim
lights that would not frighten them?

All One to One parents to be can attend hypno-birthing classes run by our experienced practitioners, during these classes you will learn relaxation techniques to help you enjoy your birth, they can help you learn how to overcome your anxieties and fears and give you and your partner coping strategies to deal with any stress,not just during labour but in life as well.

Our One to One Hypnobirthing classes are free to anyone who has booked with the One to One service. Your One to One midwife will give you all the details and book you onto a course.