Does your current maternity service: 

  • Meet the individual expectations of your women and their families?  
  • Provide 7 days per week service in the community close to your practice and in the women’s home?
  • Meet the required NHS and local key performance indicators for breastfeeding, for example? 
  • Meet all the needs of your practice and your GP colleagues? 
  • Offer you value for money whilst not incurring additional costs to your tariff?  
  • Provide an innovative and flexible service giving continuity?

If the answer is No to any of the above then please read on…. 

The One to One full caseloading midwifery service model will answer YES to all those questions. As an established service already commissioned by the NHS on Wirral One to One can provide the highest standards of individualised maternity care you and your women should expect. This gold standard service can be provided in-line with current NHS tariff’s, can assist you as a commissioner in delivering a safe, high quality maternity service that you can be confident with.  One to One will provide you with a maternity service provision that will deliver on safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. The service model is fully QIPP aligned.

As the first Any Qualified Provider (AQP) for a full maternity service in the UK with its own insurance, One to One (North West) Ltd can provide you with a maternity service that exceeds recommendations for best practice. With an enhanced level of service, One to One will relieve the pressure in your surgery as well as reduce costs elsewhere such as emergency admissions.

If you in the Medical Profession, and are interested in our service or would like more information then please register. We will soon be providing you access to our secure areas of the website.


Jo Parkington - Clinical Director