Community Caseloading Midwife Wirral

  • Location: Wirral covering Wallasey, West Kirby and Birkenhead. These areas cover the following postcodes: CH60, CH61, CH62, CH63, CH41, CH42, CH43, CH44, CH45, CH46, CH47, CH48 & CH49 
  • Salary: £24,000 - £37,350
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • Job type: Job-Share or Full time – Permanent
  • Suitable for newly qualified

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One to One Midwives was conceived by midwives and continues to be developed by midwives One to One was established to provide a unique and innovative model of midwifery care that ensures midwives have the opportunity to practice autonomous midwifery for their own caseload of women.  One to One have offered services to women within Wirral since 2010 and West Cheshire since 2014 and we are in such demand that we are currently looking to expand our services in the area and are looking for self-directed midwives to join our caseloading midwifery model.

A community caseloading midwife within One to One aims to support midwives to provide care for a defined caseload of women. Our unique caseloading model of care enables you to work flexibly and autonomously by putting you in complete control of your own diary management. This means that you can provide a flexible service that meets the needs of women but also enables you to design a work/life balance that best suits your individual lifestyle. The caseloading model is based on a nurturing and supportive culture, underpinned by strong principles and values to enable you to be a skilled, autonomous and confident midwife within a positive, supportive environment.

Each caseloading midwife will have sole responsibility for her own caseload but with the opportunity to manage a work/life balance by working within a supportive and flexible buddy system. This way of working will provide all the benefits of building and developing meaningful relationships with women and their families but with time for you and your family.  One of the main benefits of working this way is that you will have the added opportunity of arranging your working week in collaboration with your women, and by working with your ‘buddy’ and the wider team, will also be able to create flexible and innovative ways to meet the demands of providing a high level of continuity of carer and achieve a positive work/life balance for yourself.

The One to One caseloading midwife will be responsible for the provision of midwifery care for all low risk women and will be the care navigator for those women who require a multi disciplinary approach for achieving safe effective care. This will require excellent communication skills across all professional relationships.

One to One achieve excellent outcomes and are constantly seeking to improve on these with an innovative approach to service delivery.  Therefore, as a One to One caseloading midwife you will be constantly seeking to improve the care of women and their families and will be an empowered and passionate advocate for all women but specifically for women who require shared care across multiple disciplines. You will be joining a service with the highest homebirth rate in the country and who is already at the forefront of delivering on the recommendations of the Better Births Report 2016.

One to One


Continuity of Carer:

AN Care


PN Care









Home birth rate



C/Section Rate



Induction Rate



BF rate @ birth



To achieve these outcomes, One to One sees the relationship between a woman and her midwife as the most influential factor in contributing to the safe delivery of care but the other vital element is the ability to work as part of a team and One to One sees that being able to participate as a proactive and passionate team member is an essential element to our success and the success of individual teams.  You will support your ‘buddy’ and team members by being a proactive and innovative midwife who is capable of moving from a process driven model of care to a solution focussed approach.  This includes having the ability to be an autonomous practitioner as well as a positive and engaged team player with attendance at meetings and participation in continuing professional development opportunities. Caseloads are allocated democratically and women are placed at the very centre of their care and are seen as active partners in not just their care delivery but in how the service is shaped in the future. 

One to One midwives take time to get to know each other and use this knowledge to work to support each other’s needs.  One to One engenders respect for our colleagues but more importantly we want midwives to be happy and enjoy their work.

You will be actively encouraged to participate in employee engagement opportunities, including forums, which will provide opportunities to shape how One to One evolves in the future.

Reasons to consider relocating to Wirral:

Placed between Liverpool and North Wales, overlooking the River Dee, Welsh hills and River Mersey, the beautiful Wirral Peninsula is fantastic for walks, outdoor activities and cosy pubs.

Wirral is home to some of the finest restaurants and food producers in the North West. Savour gourmet treats at the Michelin-starred Fraiche restaurant, visit a gastropub for a relaxed meal, or head to one of the farm shops or farmers’ markets to meet Wirral food heroes and taste local produce. 

Explore the historic Port Sunlight Village, built by Lord Lever for his factory workers. You can learn more about the village’s history at the fascinating Port Sunlight Museum. 

Birkenhead Priory is the oldest standing building on Merseyside, encapsulating so much of the town's history within a small, enclosed site. For a more recent piece of history, visit the Wirral Tramway & Transport Museum - a celebration of Birkenhead's place in the history of public transport. 

The rejuvenated New Brighton seaside resort has been restored to its former glory, with watersports on the Marine Lake, beach walks and attractions like the Light Cinema, Floral Pavilion Theatre and Championship Adventure Golf. Hoylake and West Kirby are also great coastal towns to visit in Wirral.

What we offer you

  • Although we recognize that a One to One midwife is an autonomous practitioner our model of care provides you with access to peers and senior colleagues for support with clinical decisions, IT development and proficiency, governance processes but above all for a listening ear.
  • Ongoing mentorship and support is one of the things that makes working for One to One unique. Specialist support and advice is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This support is often by phone but can be face to face if necessary.  We have developed a specialist coaching role that facilitates shared decision making and empowers our midwives to be autonomous in not just their clinical decisions but in operational and financial decisions as well.
  • Pay scale is commensurate with NHS Agenda for Change with an additional recognition for on call commitment.  The starting salary is in line with a Band 6 and progression is on an annual basis.
  • One to One will participate in a pension scheme from April 2017 but there will be various options in managing an existing pension if you are already participating in one.  This information will be available on request but we advise that each applicant seeks independent financial advice on their own personal circumstances.
  • One to One offers a fair and transparent approach to sickness and absence and due to the flexibility and self management our sickness rate is less than 3%.  Sick pay is supported through a personal proactive approach as we recognize that each midwife will have their own individual circumstances should sickness occur.
  • 63 days annual leave entitlement (equivalent of 9 weeks)

Unleashing your potential

One to One believes that it is in our interest that everyone fulfils their potential.  For a One to One midwife it is paramount that you can practice autonomously but within a framework of evidence based care.  This approach not only promotes and normalises pregnancy and birth but quite simply saves lives. The One to One still birth rate is 3.4 per 1000 births which is significantly lower than the national or regional rate but we also have a lower morbidity rate for women and babies, with a low instrumental birth rate and c/section rate and a low perineal tear rate.

This is why we expect our midwives to be as committed to their professional development as we are.  It is why we expect our midwives to drive their careers and make it their business to improve themselves.  Our learning and development programme is based on a framework of promoting midwives to develop the ‘art’ of midwifery and constantly explore opportunities to support women and their families in the physiology of birth.

We do this by:

  • Providing 10 days protected time to undertake training and development annually, this is in addition to the 63 days annual leave that we provide.
  • Continuing professional development opportunities in mentorship, examination of the newborn, emergency skills in the home environment.
  • Training in hypnobirthing
  • Access to a bespoke roadshow that supports normality and is facilitated by One to One midwives who have developed these skills in their own practice.

Every midwife is empowered to develop and grow and a One to One midwife has a mindfulness and curiousness that is constantly seeking to improve.

Interview Information

Interviews will take place over a full day from 9:00 - 16:00 and will take the following format:

A Panel Interview involves a number of One to One employees sitting on an interview panel, with one member of staff appointed as the Chairperson. These types of interviews are usually question based and will potentially contain standard questions:

o Why do you want this job?
o Why are you the best person for the job?
o What relevant experience do you have?
o Why are you interested in working for this company?
o What can you contribute to this company?
o What do you know about this company?
o What challenges are you looking for in a position?
o Why should we employ you?
o What are your expectations of salary and benefits?

These interviews may also include scenario based questions.

If candidates are successful they may be asked to conduct a second shadowing interview where the candidate can observe how a day as a One to One midwife is structured, get a feel for diary management and have the opportunity to ask questions during the afternoon/day in order to fully understand what accepting a position at One to One will entail. The midwife who is being shadowed will then feedback her/his experience of the day and whether the candidate would be a suitable fit for the team.

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